International digital
pet passport

Instead of a lot of documents and papers with seals, we will offer the user a convenient and functional pet passport that allows you to store and accumulate all the vital information about the animal in the system, which you can access anywhere and at anytime. The user will only have to register the pet in the system, and all of his further life will be stored in the KeepPet database, access to which will be fast and easy through a special mobile application or web interface.
Today pet owners are struggling with many problems such as finding their lost pet, crossing the state borders, gathering, storing, and changing the pet’s data and risk of of pet achievements and breeding records falsification.
The KeepPet project proposes to combine all possible versions of paper passports and the radiofrequency and other animal identification systems scattered across countries and manufacturers, preserving all available data in one electronic document and protecting it in the Blockchain system, without repealing the existing rules for issuing international passports and without introducing any new standards.
We decided to “build” KeepPet project on blockchain technology primarily for security and protection against unauthorised hacking of passport information.




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Oleg Avanesov

Project Founder
Experience of turning ideas into successful business projects since 1992. Took JSC TIG Aessel to Moscow Exchange IPO in 2013.
Humanity has always sought to protect itself in various ways: by mechanical and technical means, by healing gifts of nature and medicines. Recently reliable information has become a protection tool. The one who owns the information owns the world. The person is well protected in this respect, and how about animals? Our Project will maximize the level of protection of animals bringing it close to our level via accumulation system and possibility of using information for each pet throughout his life. We will bring great benefits not only to people and organizations, but also to the animal world in general.
The world is constantly improving, this process is endless. Together with the world, the relationship between man and the environment strives for excellence, and one of its components is the relationship between man and animal. In terms of our Project we are eager to implement the idea of protecting pets via generalization of data about each animal and skillful application of that knowledge.

Sergei Ostrovskiy

Author of the idea
IFRS specialist. Experience in finance and investment over 25 years.

Nikita Kovalenko

11 years of designing highly loaded mobile services
KeepPet Project unites the living world and technology. It is able to create many new markets that will make the life of animals with people more comfortable.

Anastasia Myasnikova

6 years in Project Development and Introduction to the international market
The trend of modern times is maximum automatization of routine work. Our Project is an innovation technology, a guarantee of data security, with no paper red tape, when you have all data about the pet in your phone. It’s very simple, cool and saves money and time.

Yakov Kornyakov

IT Manager
9 years in IT-development; 5 years in teaching and creating projects in IT
Our Project is the very thing that many have long dreamed of creating, but no one knew how to implement the idea. And today, finally, the level of development and introduction of information technology in the everyday life will allow us to make the idea come reality.

Alexei Gerasimovsky

More than 25 years of management experience in finance and administration, the establishment of logistics with FMCG suppliers from Southeast Asia
I participate in this Project, because I aspire to a comfortable existence of human with the world around and I love animals as they often become our loyal friends for the whole life!

Igor Klimovskiy

Blockchain Specialist
1 year of blockchain development experience; 8 years of experience in IT-development of client-server applications and highly-loaded systems
The existence of such projects helps us not to forget why new technologies are being created, since their main purpose is to improve the world around and help people take care of whom they love. The unification of information world and reality is always of interest and often difficult task, but the result that we can see and take advantage of in our daily lives is worth all the effort.

Irina Andropova

Project Coordinator
5 years of project management experience; 10 years in HR
Our Project is a breakthrough in the field of relations between people and pets. Animals become our friends and our goal is to make their life next to us as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Daria Zabrodina

PR Specialist
More than 10 years of experience in projects PR support. Took direct part in organising Moscow Exchange IPO of JSC TPG Aessel
We are making a very important and necessary Project for the whole world. Animals cannot take care of themselves, but we can do that. As Arthur Schopenhauer said: he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.

Maria Utkina

PR Manager
10 years of experience in journalism, PR and project activities
We are making the Project that is to bear fruit not only in the present, but also in the future. In a few years the world base of domestic animals will start to be developed. This will allow the services to maintain statistics, analytics and forecast global population processes on our planet. Isn’t it awesome!?”

Nairi Akopian

Legal Adviser
Master of Law. 3 years of experience in resolving civil disputes and arbitration proceedings
I believe that animals need legal protection on an equal footing with humans. Furthermore, the relationship between owners and animals should have been settled at the legal level and entered into global base a long time ago.

Anton Avanesov

Corporate Lawyer
4 years of experience in legal support
of start-up projects
I like innovative ideas. KeepPet is exactly one of those. This Project is aimed at the future and it will benefit to the whole world from owners and their animals to the global processes of humanity as a whole.

Friends of the project

Gerasimovskaya, PhD

Associate Professor Department of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and Cardio Vascular Pulmonary Research Lab University of Colorado Denver, USA
KeepPet is an extraordinary project. I was impressed of how it was initiated and how this group of very talented people develops it. The project will be beneficial for owners and their pets in many aspects. KeepPet includes a high level of digital technology and is based on a very caring, cherishing, and loving approach for animals.


Lawyer of the Bar association of the Moscow City
I love animals very much, and I consider, that the project bears the global importance. The KeepPet project is up-to-date, simple in understanding and unique.


Artist, architect, TV presenter of the “Rules of Life” and “Genius” programs on the channel “Russia-K”
This is a new round — helping those from whom we do not expect words of gratitude. These are animals, which the man made tamed, and then threw them into the street.


Export Manager
The idea seems excellent to me, because the relationship between world of men and world of animals are drastically changing nowadays as far as humanity is beginning to understand the importance of respect and protection for animals.

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